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Glide 1.5 Fishing Tandem Kayak

Designed by 2monks and made to suit the needs & customer requirments of today

There was a need for a larger cockpit that suits Australians more than older styles of kayaks being top heavy & with little room, we have achieved this and also created additional superier stability while keeping the speed of the hull and straight line paddling.

The Glide 1.5 kayak is designed with an additional small seating area, take a "small" child with you or maybe your dog as your companion, it also creates more room for larger people to fit easily with comfort in our kayak. 

A deep style sit on cockpit has created a very very comfortable & very stable kayak. A sharp and large V shape keel front and back helps our kayaks paddle in a straight line while adding extra stability!

Want to fish? we have made this kayak with 4 flush mounted rod holders, and a 360 swivel rod holder.

Dad can take his child for a paddle then go off fishing by himself on the same kayak with lot's of room.



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