Our Story

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In 2011 we started looking into buying kayaks for ourselves. We were blown away by some of the outstanding prices for basic entry-level kayaks.

We're kayaking enthusiasts just like you. And just like you we want to enjoy quality entry-level kayaks at an affordable price.

That's why 2monks.com.au exists today. It's now our mission to provide Australians with affordable quality entry-level kayaks to enjoy the waters that surround our beautiful sunburnt country.

We are a small volume retailer and a family business who really care about our customers, and want to ensure they are happy. We don't have employees, and we pride ourselves on Great after sales customer service, as this is our own business at stake. Should you require some assistance in resolving an issue, please don't hesitate to message us, and we will do what we can to ensure the issue is resolved and the end result is a positive buying experience for you.