Manufacturers Limited Warranty

● 3 year limited warranty against defects in the materials and workmanship in the hull and assembly of
2monks Kayaks
● 3 year limited warranty against defects and assembly to parts and accessories
The warranty is only valid to the original customer
It is upto 2monks Kayaks to determine whether to repair or replace any defective parts.


Exclusions to the Limited Warranty

Normal wear and discoloration
Damage from misuse or abuse from hitting objects and improper maintenance
Damage from extreme weather or environmental conditions
Damage caused from storing the boat outside
Damage from improper support of the kayak during transportation or storage
Damage caused by any alterations to the boat and or original parts
Damage caused to the boats in "surf"
Any boat designated as "demo"
Kayaks used for commercial or rental purposes


Original invoice or receipt is the proof of purchase for your warranty claim - without it 2monks Kayaks reserves the right to determine whether the boat is covered under warranty

If you have any questions regarding our Warranty Policy please contact us